In the beginning, there were two women. Then came another one. And another one. They kept coming, one after another. I drew them and took notes of next fascinating names. At one point I understood that I wasn't going to stop drawing them, as the project transformed into something very personal. I decided to give those women separate space, which I will gradually fill with more faces. No rush.
I have no specific plan nor deadlines. I will keep drawing women, following their induvidual energy and wonderful diversity. Each and every one of them is fascinating in her own way. Those women have eventful lives, sharp tongues, roughness or softness. They come from different cultures and professions - some try to save the world, plant trees, fight for women rights. Others write, paint, create or sing. They are excentric, courageous, wise and inspirational. They are free - this is the axis that connects them all.
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